Forklift Training Brisbane

Get your forklift training with Brisbane’s most popular forklift ticketThe global forklift training course for forklift training in Brisbane costs $450.00* per person and is designed to develop skills and knowledge vital to a forklift’s safe operation. We offer forklift training courses for both beginner and experienced operators. We have a highly-skilled training and assessment team with many years of relevant industry experience and skills.

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Forklift Training Brisbane

Overview Of Forklift Training Brisbane

A forklift licence is mandatory for those who wish to operate a forklift. You would require high-risk permission to be eligible for the forklift training in Brisbane. Forklift training in Brisbane is offered by a few reputed driving schools authorised by the government. If you are thinking about getting forklift training in Brisbane, here are the most popular training options for you!

Forklift Training

What Makes Unique Forklift Training Brisbane

Here are some of the key features that make our courses and training one of the most popular in Brisbane:

  • Well-equipped training from our enormous warehouse
  • No additional cost is charged on forklift training material
  • Re-test and additional training facilities are also available
  • Details on truck driving tasks in case if the forklift is mounted to a truck
  • We emphasise your learning
  • Customisable sessions, including weekdays & weekend classes

Forklift Training With Global Driver Training

You would be delighted to know that we offer personalised training options drafted according to the preferences of working & non-working professionals. Whether you are already aware of numerous forklift driving skills and don’t want to waste much of your time or you are a budding driver seeking your future in this industry, read on to know the training options available for you:

1. For Trained Personnel

If you are an experienced forklift operator without training in Brisbane, you can opt for RPL. This helps reduce the time and cost required to get forklift training. RPL is suitable for those individuals who satisfy the following conditions:

  • An Australian forklift Training that has expired
  • A forklift Training in some other country
  • Competency certification issued by the Armed Forces of Australia
  • Those who wish to get transferred from the mining industry
  • Completed the Training course but couldn’t submit the documents within the mentioned time frame

RPL will include a quick brush-up of theory as well as practical. It will be a single-day training, and if you are confident after Day 1 to appear for a written and practical assessment, you can give it a shot! You can get the course optimised in case of further assistance or learning.

2. 3-Day Course

With this course, you will get detailed theory and practicals on the first two days, and we will conduct the final assessment on the third day. Your training might get extended depending on your growth as a forklift driver and learning. This training will be meticulously detailed on all the elements of the unit. You will also be getting demonstrations of safe use and driving.

3. Customisable Course

This course enables you to learn at your own pace. It will include formal training for theory and practice and will cover all elements of the associated unit of competency. You can also get the session optimised according to your preferences.

Forklift Training Brisbane Prices

If you are looking at how much the entire forklift training in Brisbane costs, here is some good news for you! Now you don’t need to worry about your forklift training and its fee! As you can get the best forklift training from Global Driver Training at an affordable price. We are amongst the most trusted brands in the industry, and our well-trained professionals make sure that you have fruitful sessions with them. To know the forklift training in Brisbane prices, you can contact us and share your requirements.

Standard Beginners 2-day Course (Weekdays/Weekends/Weeknights)

Advanced Experienced one day Course (Weekdays/Weekends)

Please contact us on 07 3290 0200 for the forklift price.

Forklift Licence Brisbane

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