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We are specialist in heavy vehicle driver training, including LR, MR, HR, HC And MC licences.

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We provide Training and testing in Beenleigh, Logan, Cleveland, Wynnum and all around Brisbane depends on student preferences.

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Specialist in Heavy Vehicle Driver Training in Brisbane.

Get your heavy vehicle licence to take advantage of employment opportunities.

Heavy Vehicle Driver Training Courses.

Global Driving Training is specialist in heavy vehicle driver training courses, including Light Rigid, Medium Rigid, Heavy Rigid, Heavy Combination and Multi Combination licences. We provide quality heavy vehicle driver training in affordable price. All the information necessary for you to decide which of the courses you need is available right here. You can also take an online practice test.

Light Rigid vehicle is a truck, bus, prime mover, tractor or a mobile crane with GVM greater then 4.5 ton but equal to or less then 8 ton GVM, with or without a trailer with a maximum weight of 9 ton GVM. Vehicle seating more then 12 adults is light rigid. View Details

Medium Rigid vehicle is a truck, bus, prime mover, tractor or a mobile crane over 8 ton GVM with a maximum of 2 axles, with or without a trailer of not more than 9 ton GVM.

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Heavy Rigid vehicle is a a truck, bus (Articulated bus), prime mover, tractor or a mobile crane over 8 ton GVM with more then 2 axles, with or without a trailer of not more than 9 ton GVM. Articulated bus: A bus that can bend in middle. View Details

Heavy Combination vehicle is a truck, prime mover, tractor or a mobile crane over 8 ton GVM With more then 2 axles, With a trailer of more than 9 ton GVM. Prime mover over 8 ton GVM with a single trailer over 9 ton GVM with more then 2 axles. View Details

Multi Combination vehicle is a B-double (prime mover towing two semitrailers, with one semitrailer supported at the front and connected to the other semitrailer). A road train (motor vehicle, other then B-double, towing two or more trailers). Truck towing two or more trailers. View Details

We currently offer Certificate II in Driving Operations & Certificate III in Driving Operations. We do Basic Fatigue management (BFM) and Advanced Fatigue management (AFM). View Details

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Heavy Vehicle Driver Training

We can give Car, Forklift and Heavy Vehicle Driver Training in

English, Punjabi, Hindi, and Urdu.

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Driving Under Instruction

You have to drive under the supervision of someone who holds a valid license for the class of vehicle you are going to drive, You could not drive heavy vehicle by yourself unless you holds license for that particular class. You must have to put L plates at the front and rear of the vehicle while you learning these signs should be easily visible to all other road users . While learning your Blood alcohol Concentration level must be Zero.

What Our Clients Say About Our Training

  • The training I recieved was very good. My trainer explained everything in my language and offered great advice and was very patient.

    Punjabi driving school Brisbane
    Sarwan Singh Bhullar
  • They were great at trying to keep me calm and not nervous, I had lots of practise in the truck so I was confident for the assessment.

    Mark Ebinger
  • Hi It’s robin my experience with global driving school is awesome their instructors are well experienced they tech properly give good driving leassons and driving techniques. I never drive a heavy vehicle but with the help of instructors I learned well and today I passed my hr test.

    Robindeep Singh
  • I have done my HR licence with global Driver Training they are very good . They not only help me to get my licence they actually taught me how to drive in practical life with loads and industry regulations .
    I am really thankful , Thanks guys

    Puneet Kaurp