Acquiring a Heavy Rigid (HR) Licence is a significant step towards advancing your driving career. However, many aspiring drivers make common mistakes during their preparation, which can lead to delays or even failure in the HR Licence test.

In this blog, we will highlight the most common mistakes people make when preparing for the HR Licence test in Brisbane and provide practical tips on how to avoid them.


Underestimating the Importance of Study Materials


One of the most common mistakes is neglecting the study materials provided during Brisbane HR Licence training. These materials are designed to help you understand the theoretical aspects of heavy rigid driving, including road rules, vehicle handling, and safety procedures.

How to Avoid It:

    • Review All Materials: Thoroughly read and understand all the study materials provided by your HR driving school in Brisbane.
    • Take Notes: Highlight key points and take notes to reinforce your understanding.
    • Practice Tests: Utilise any available practice tests to familiarise yourself with the format and type of questions you will encounter.

Inadequate Practical Experience


Another frequent mistake is not getting enough practical driving experience. The HR Licence test includes a practical component where you will need to demonstrate your ability to handle a heavy rigid vehicle.

How to Avoid It:

    • Enroll in Comprehensive HR Licence Courses in Brisbane: Choose courses that offer ample practical training sessions.
    • Seek Extra Practice: If possible, get additional driving practice beyond the required hours. The more time you spend behind the wheel, the more comfortable you will become.
    • Simulate Test Conditions: Practice driving in various conditions and scenarios to build your confidence and skills.

Ignoring the Brisbane HR Licence Requirements

Failing to meet all the necessary Brisbane HR Licence requirements can lead to last-minute surprises and delays.

How to Avoid It:

    • Check Requirements Early: Understand all the requirements for the HR Licence in Brisbane well in advance. This includes age, medical fitness, and holding a valid car licence.
    • Prepare Documentation: Gather all necessary documents and ensure they are up-to-date.
    • Stay Informed: Keep abreast of any changes in the licensing requirements or processes.

Underestimating the Cost of HR Licence in Brisbane

Many applicants overlook the full cost of obtaining an HR Licence, which can lead to financial stress and incomplete preparation.

How to Avoid It:

    • Budget Accordingly: Research and plan for all the costs involved, including training fees, testing fees, and any additional expenses such as medical exams.
    • Look for Packages: Some HR driving schools in Brisbane offer package deals that can save you money.

Choosing the Wrong HR Driving School in Brisbane

Selecting a subpar driving school can significantly impact the quality of your training and your chances of passing the test.

How to Avoid It:

    • Research Schools: Look for reputable HR driving schools in Brisbane with positive reviews and a high pass rate.
    • Visit Schools: If possible, visit the schools to get a feel for their facilities and meet the instructors.
    • Ask Questions: Inquire about their training methods, instructor qualifications, and success rates.


Preparing for your HR Licence test in Brisbane requires careful planning and dedication. By avoiding these common mistakes and following the tips provided, you can increase your chances of success. Remember, choosing the right training provider is crucial. At Global Driver Training, we offer comprehensive HR Licence courses in Brisbane that cover both theoretical and practical aspects, ensuring you are well-prepared for your test. Contact us today to start your journey towards obtaining your HR Licence with confidence.


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